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We solve business problems with unique solutions delivered through content, and driven by a really, really good story.

jumpshot offers a range of strategic, creative and production content services delivered through 1:1 consulting with your teams. We can also bring complex projects to life as a full-service virtual content agency made up of best in class experts.

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Consulting Services

Christie Poulos is a leading content marketing and production expert, and is available as a consultant. She is ready to collaborate with your internal teams and external partners to deliver strategy, ideas, and projects with agility.

Looking to discover and communicate your brand story? Thinking of setting up an in-house content function? jumpshot can support with expertise, team structure, budgeting and strategy.

Agency Services

jumpshot can scale quickly and efficiently into a virtual agency designed just for you; offering a range of services including content strategy, creative, production and earned and paid amplification.

This is thanks to a flexible network of market-leading industry partners from strategists and creatives, and content and digital producers to paid and earned media experts.

Why content? why now?

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It's a jungle out there.

The Case for Content

Digital platforms and technology have become an essential part of the way we communicate, spend our time, and make decisions.

The landscape for businesses and brands has changed dramatically.

Channels are exploding, and audiences are taking more control of their entertainment and information. Businesses need to find smart, new ways to engage their audiences and influence their behaviours.

Content Marketing has evolved to help businesses connect with their audiences over all channels to drive engagement and action.

The right story, and compelling content delivered in a consistent way, offers welcome experiences for customers and value to business and brands.